Terms of use

Terms of use published on February 16, 2024, effective from March 1, 2024.


I. Definitions

Benefit Systems
Benefit Systems d.o.o. Croatia is a company having its seat and registered address at Heinzelova 44, 10000 Zagreb;

MultiSport Card
Plastic document authorising MultiSport Card Users to use the services included in the MultiSport Program in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia (Standard/Silver MultiSport Card) or in the area of ​​certain counties/regions (Lite MultiSport Card). The MultiSport Card is the property of Benefit Systems, it contains the identification number, the name and surname of the User and the name of the Client. The MultiSport Card can be issued only to a person who is above 18 years of age and it cannot be transferred to other persons. Every person can be provided with only one MultiSport Card issued in his/her name.

MultiSport Card User
A person above the age of 18 having a MultiSport Card issued in his/her name;

Accompanying Person
A person above the age of 18 who is listed as an accompanying person by an employee who has an active MultiSport Card. Each employee can designate only one Accompanying Person.

Legal entities which executed an agreement with Benefit Systems d.o.o. for the purpose of providing MultiSport service to their employees.

Sports centre/swimming complex/fitness club/tennis court/dancing studio or other similar facility at which sports and/or recreational services available for use through MultiSport Card are provided. A list of all sport facilities and information about the services available in these sports facilities is published on the website of Benefit Systems https://benefitsystems.hr;

Identification Document
A document issued by the competent governmental, municipal, educational or other authority containing the name, surname and a photograph of the MultiSport Card User (e.g. identity card, passport, driving license, student’s card or students’ markbook);

MultiSport Activities
All sports and recreational services that can be used with the MultiSport Card on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia or on the territory of certain counties/regions. Information on all available services is published on the website: https://benefitsystems.hr. In case there are special conditions for the use of certain sport or recreational services in a specific sport facility, these conditions will be published in the details section for the respective sports facility;

II. Subject

  1. The Terms of Use of MultiSport Cards (the “Terms”) regulate the relations between the company Benefit Systems and the Clients/Users regarding the use of MultiSport Cards.

III. General provisions

  1. All MultiSport Card User are entitled to one visit to one sport facility on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia or on the territory of certain counties/regions per day, and to use the MultiSport Card in accordance with the agreed conditions that are listed in the list of agreed activities for each sports facility on the website benefitsystems.hr/facilities
  2. MultiSport Cards do not provide the right to a free of charge use of any equipment and/or services of a personal trainer unless explicitly mentioned on the website of the company Benefit Systems: https://benefitsystems.hr.
  3. All MultiSport Cards Users are obliged to follow the rules of the sport facility they visit.
  4. All MultiSport Cards Users are prohibited from using the MultiSport Cards in any other way except for personal access to sport facilities and for personal use and recreation, and they are also prohibited, among other things to provide their MultiSport Cards for use by other persons, to trade with them, to lease them, to give them away as presents, to leave them at the sport facilities, to use MultiSport Cards for the purpose of performing a professional activity or for achieving any economic benefit etc.
  5. MultiSport Card Users cannot make any changes to the design of MultiSport Cards.
  6. In case of loss or theft of the MultiSport Card, the User is obliged to inform his employer who provided him with the card, who is then obliged to inform the company Benefit Systems.
  7. In case of first card loss there is no charge for creating a duplicate, while every other loss is charged 50,00 HRK/ 6,64EUR + VAT. Users are unable to use the MultiSport program until they receive a new card. We will send a card duplicate by the post service to the employer’s address. We send a duplicate of the card by mail to the employer’s address, and the deadline for delivery is within five working days. The User can pick up a card duplicate personally within two working days at the address Benefit Systems d.o.o., Heinzelova 44, 10 000 Zagreb from Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The User agrees on the method of collecting the card with the employer, i.e., with the person whom the employer entrusted with the MultiSport program. Information on access to MultiSport activities and the use of MultiSport cards can be obtained by phone: 0800 222 023.
  8. If the active Multisport card does not pass the check at the sports facility and any technical problems occur, the MultiSport Card User or a person from the sports facility is obliged to immediately call customer service, which works 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., in order to immediately check the validity of the card and the POS device at the time of the problem. In case that there are technical difficulties regarding the MultiSport Card, customer care will immediately submit a request for a duplicate card which will not be charged. The User is not able to use the service until he receives another card, except on the day of reporting the technical difficulty. On the day that the difficulty is reported, customer care will verify the visit to the sport facility and enable the User to use the service. A duplicate card will be made on the first working day of Benefit Systems. The User can pick up the new card in person or it will be sent to the address of the User’s employer by urgent procedure.
  9. The MultiSport Card User is obliged to pay to the sports facility for the use of services that are not included in MultiSport Activities in accordance with the price list of the specific sports facility.
  10. MultiSport Card Users are obliged to comply with the terms of use of the MultiSport card and the rules of the sports facilities they visit. In case that the User violates the agreed terms and conditions, Benefit Systems has the right to block the MultiSport Card to the member, i.e. immediately suspend the membership in the Program.
  11. On the date that the Employee of the Client using the MultiSport Card loses the right to use the MultiSport Card, its Accompanying Person who has the additional MultiSport Card, automatically loses the right to use the additional MultiSport Card which shall be deactivated.
  12. The MultiSport Card User has the right/possibility, within 10 minutes after the visit has been registered, to cancel the visit. In this case, the employee of the sports centre – Partner cancels the visit via the POS device, and the User can use the daily limit of one visit in another sports centre.

IV. Terms of Access to Sport Facilities

  1. Upon each visit to a sport facility every MultiSport Card User is obligated to present his/her MultiSport Card, an Identification Document and to check his visit in the electronic card reader in the sport facility.
  2. Any MultiSport Card User can be denied access to the sport facility if the service he/she wishes to use at that moment is fully occupied.

V. Racquet sports

For racket sports (tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, padel) the following rules apply:

  1. The appointment must be booked and agreed directly with the sports facility – Partner.
  2. The company Benefit Systems d.o.o. will cover the full amount or a certain part of the desired appointment (the first 30 or 60 minutes) depending on the service, the appointment or the agreement reached with the sports facility – Partner
  3. If an additional payment for the appointment is required, it will be made according to the valid price list of the sports centre – Partner

The conditions and rules of use should be checked with the sports facility that provides the service.

VI. Miscellaneous

  1. Employees of the sport facilities and employees of Benefit Systems are entitled to verify the Identification Documents of the MultiSport Card Users. In case of discrepancy with the names on the respective MultiSport Card, handing over of the respective misused MultiSport Card can be requested and the company Benefit Systems is entitled to deny access to the services to that User. The company Benefit Systems is entitled to block the respective MultiSport Card also when the person who is actually using the Card at the moment of the verification, refuses to present his/her Identification Document.
  2. The company Benefit Systems shall not be held liable for any damages suffered in a sport facility by a MultiSport Card User during his/her use of services through his/her MultiSport Card.
  3. The Terms can be amended and/or supplemented by Benefit Systems. The new/amended Terms enter into force as from the 1st date of the month following their publishing on the website of Benefit Systems: https://benefitsystems.hr. The company Benefit Systems is obligated to publish on its website https://benefitsystems.hr the new/amended Terms until the 15th date of the month preceding the month in which they enter into force. The Clients are entitled to object to the new/amended Terms until the last date of the month in which the Terms have been published on the website by sending an e-mail to kontakt@benefitsystems.hr. In case they do not send an objection against the new/amended Terms, they shall be deemed approved by the Client.
  4. Any and all disputes that may arise in relation to the Terms will be referred for resolution to the competent court in Zagreb, Croatia.

Terms of use published on February 16, 2024, effective from March 1, 2024.

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