Cookie Policy

Websites and other services (hereinafter: services) of Benefit Systems d.o.o. based in Zagreb, Heinzelova 44 (hereinafter: Benefit Systems) may send and use files so-called “cookies”. This Policy defines the operation of these files on websites and other services owned by Benefit Systems.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are text files that are saved via web browser on your end device (computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.). During the visit to our services, the browser sends this file and in this way your end device can be recognized every time. Cookies are necessary for navigation on our services.

What types of cookies do we use?

Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored from the moment you log in to the service, but only until the moment you close the web browser session or close the browser itself. We store only one cookie session in the services – a file intended for encrypting authorization information about the user, the file is created while the user enters the service and is deleted when the browser is closed.

These are cookies, files that make it easier to use a given service and are stored for a long time. The service keeps a cookie with information about the display of the message related to the management of cookies on our service. This file is stored for a period of one year from the time it is stored on your end device.

These are files that are based on external internet services that our services work with. Our services use files, ie Google Analytics cookies, which are used to collect statistics about the service. Cookies are stored from the moment of visit to our service. For more information about Google Analytics cookies, please read the Google Analytics Cookie information available at analytics.google.com.

It is also possible to opt out of the location of cookies by Google Analitycs on your device. You can also see how to turn off these cookies at analytics.google.com.

Are cookies dangerous?

They are not, because cookies are not computer programs and cannot be used as codes. They do not spread viruses and each user has the ability to manage cookies on their end device. In addition, cookies only process parts of the data, which to a large extent do not allow full user identification.

Manage cookies

We use cookies files only with the consent of the user. You can turn off or change the ability to save cookies on your end device at any time, through the appropriate settings in the web browser software (web browser). By default, web browsing software involves storing files on the end device, and thus allows us to process the data collected in those files.

Since cookies are used to remember your settings related to these files, you need to know the consequences of changing the settings, and in particular:

  1. if you disable the ability to save cookies on your end device, it may not be possible to log in to the services and their functions may not be used,
  2. in the case of using another end device, computer profile or web browser, it is necessary to redefine your preferences regarding cookies.

For more information about how cookies can be set up, we recommend that you review the instructions of the web browser you are using and follow these instructions.

Benefit Systems d.o.o. as a service operator, it has implemented solutions in accordance with the Directive on privacy and electronic communications, which covers the use of cookies, because taking into account best practice, we treat our customers and users who visit our services fairly and openly.

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